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Portland carbonate is produced by co-grinding of cement clinker with 30% limestone

Portland slag cement – in its composition has a hydraulic addition in the form of pellets, blast furnace slag or elektrotermofosfornogo cooled by a special regime. It is produced by co-grinding Portland cement clinker (3.5%), slag (20-80%) and gypsum (3.5%). Portland slag cement is characterized by slow growth of strength in the initial period of hardening, but in the future growth rate of strength increases. He is sensitive to ambient temperature, resistant when exposed to soft water sulfate, has a low resistance to frost.

Portland carbonate is produced by co-grinding of cement clinker with 30% limestone. He has less heat hardening, increased resistance.

Mark Portland – the symbol that expresses the minimum requirements for compressive strength of samples of standard cement, manufactured, and tested in tverdevshih conditions and terms established by the Read the rest of this entry »

The process of moisture absorption is called sorption

Hydrophysical properties of materials.

Water absorption of porous materials is determined by the standard method, maintaining the samples in water at 20 ± 2 ° C. The water does not penetrate the closed pores, the water absorption is characteristic only open porosity. When removing the sample from the bath water is partially a consequence of large pores, so water absorption is always less porosity.

Water absorption by volume Wo (%) – the degree of filling volume of the material with water: Wo = (MW-mc) / Ve * 100, MW – mass of sample material, saturated with water; mc – mass of the sample in a dry state. Water absorption by weight of Wm (%) determined by the weight of the dry material Wm = (MW-mc) / mc * 100. Wo = Wm * γ, γ – the dry bulk density of the material, expressed in relation to the density of Read the rest of this entry »

LED lighting can be environmental fronts, decorative or dramatic

Lighting Applications LED architectural elements

In terms of illumination of facades, the main objective of LED lighting is to highlight the qualities of the architectural element. The LED system allows for innovative designs that create a new spectrum of architectural lighting.

To achieve the enhancement, we seek the contrast between the building or architectural element to light and its environment, a fixed or changing environments that encourage a sustained interest.

The walls can become projection screens impressive, but it is important to consider the class of materials that cover the façade, texture and Read the rest of this entry »

Stainless steels containing chromium & many more on steels

Carbon steels.

Over 90% of all steels are carbon steels. These steels contain varying amounts of carbon and less than 1.65% manganese, 0.60% silicon and 0.60% copper. The products manufactured include carbon steel machines, car bodies, most of the steel building structures, ship hulls, bedsteads and hairpins or barrettes.

Ultra low-alloy steels resistant.

This family is the newest of the five major classes of steel. Low alloy steels are cheaper than conventional alloy steels because they contain smaller amounts of expensive alloying elements. However, given special treatment that gives them a much greater resistance than the Read the rest of this entry »

Stone floors to be used as flooring should always be on a firm, level subfloor

Stone flooring types

Stone floors are more durable pavements that resist wear better, aggression and constant use, apart from being very decorative and ideal for rustic work environments.

This type of material is best suited for outdoor use: patios, gardens and terraces. For balconies and terraces, stones should be light and porous. The more sophisticated options are better in bathrooms and kitchens.

Stone floors to be used as flooring should always be on a firm, level subfloor. Socket can be dispensed as its ending is neat, but you can use the same cut stone or some models come with a prepared base.

Stone floors need not be cured, but sealed. The right thing is to apply a silicone product that does not change its color or Read the rest of this entry »

Other types of Metal ceilings – a square frame system that…

Metal ceilings:
600×600 mm with the provisions of sizes to choose from. Panel of 8 mm right angle or level. Panel from the industry on a long groove down to the next installation frame 15 mm wide flat keel or keel on the narrow side. Obtain a unique overall effect. Each panel can be independently repeated installation and removal easy.
Security, easy maintenance, saving time, effort.

Technical performance
Energy Performance: custom-made according to requirements.
Acoustic performance: sound-absorbing paper punching plate with Read the rest of this entry »

Law to create for the most intimate Home for the Elderly Citizens, China

Law to create for the most intimate home for the elderly.

Recently, in China “elderly Protection Act” basically completed the revision of the draft revision of the biggest highlights is the addition of “solace” content, with special emphasis on “living apart from maintenance and elderly people should regularly visit or greetings the elderly, “children” Huijia look “is expected to Read the rest of this entry »

Specific dosage & materials for earthquake-resistant buildings

Specific dosage & materials.

Specific dosage:
It must be done very carefully. It is recommended to consider the dosage as the structural element to be built. Where possible, the amount of water should be half the amount of cement. The parties must be measured in the same container like a bucket, jar or box. For a good quality concrete is to control the amount of water is added.

Materials must be of good quality to ensure adequate strength and capacity to absorb and dissipate the energy that gives the Read the rest of this entry »

The invention of the brick was a breakthrough in the history of world architecture.

The bricks in the construction

The bricks are masses of clay rectangular shape used to build walls, rooms, etc.. The brick is a ceramic obtained by molding, drying and cooking at high temperatures of a clay paste. The invention of the brick was a breakthrough in the history of world architecture. Materials as susceptible as or as expensive and heavy as stone, have been relegated to the background in most masonry.

Each of the faces of a brick has a name:

– Test: is the name given to the short sides.

– Table: are the long faces of the brick.

– Edge: each Read the rest of this entry »

On February 23, 1857, 13 architects met in Richard Upjohn’s office to form what would become the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects- Since 1857

History of the American Institute of Architects

On February 23, 1857, 13 architects met in Richard Upjohn’s office to form what would become the American Institute of Architects. The group sought to create an architecture organization that would “promote the scientific and practical perfection of its members” and “elevate the standing of the profession.” Read a brief history of the AIA or explore more books and articles on the AIA’s history.

AIA Presidents
Richard Upjohn, FAIA, was the AIA’s first president. He served from 1857 to 1876. He is also one of the founders of the AIA. His business location was in New York City. See all AIA presidents

AIA Historical Directory of American Architects
Locate information sources about 19th- and 20th-century U.S. architects in the AIA Archives and elsewhere, through the Read the rest of this entry »



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