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What is the importance of vibrated concrete mix

What is the importance of vibrated concrete mix

The vibration of the concrete process involves subjecting the fresh concrete immediately after being poured into molds, high frequency vibration through devices that run on compressed air pressure or electricity called vibrators.

With this method the concrete mix takes on a more fluid and liquefied, allowing it to cover the space evenly and fill the small spaces of the structure also facilitates and improves the adhesion of the mixture to the reinforcing steel.

When you are performing a construction site when the Read the rest of this entry »

Has traditionally been considered the concrete as a building material composed of cement

Concrete Additives

Has traditionally been considered the concrete as a building material composed of cement, aggregates and water. However, even today still continues this idea, are now very few professionals in the building that do not consider the concrete as the ultimate building material composed of the three above components plus a fourth component, indispensable in the most cases, the concrete additive.

“Concrete Additives are substances or products incorporated into the concrete before mixing (or during or in the course of an additional mixing) at a rate not exceeding 5% by weight of cement, produce the desired modification in fresh or hardened in some of Read the rest of this entry »

One of the main segments of the market segment is building the MC – Steel fabricated buildings

Metal Ware

The use of steel in the construction of prefabricated buildings

The concept of “Metal” (the IC) includes a wide range of products, which are sometimes very different among themselves, and combines them only one thing – they’re all made with the use of any metal, both ferrous and nonferrous. In addition, most products are bundled with other materials and a modular design. All items under the term “metal construction” can be divided into the following groups:

Building metal constructions combine in himself all types of metal building frames for any purpose (Roof Trusses, columns, girders, connections, beams, roof structures, canopies, dome construction, etc.)

Protecting designs – galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich panels, sandwich, window frames and blocks, metal doors and gates, additional elements to them.

Modular buildings or block-containers – all block construction.

Metal work – tanks, tanks and other containers for Read the rest of this entry »

The classification of buildings- Requirements for buildings

Section 1.The main elements of design schemes and buildings 

– The main structural elements and circuits building. Background. Architectural planning and design solutions for buildings and facilities. A single modular system. Typification and unification. The classification of buildings. Requirements for buildings.

– Terms of binding columns and walls to the focal axes. The calculation of building structures. Foundations. Classification. Calculation of foundations. The foundations for the equipment.

– One-story frame commercial buildings and structural elements. Constructive elements of the framework of multi-storey industrial and civil buildings.

– Walls made of wood and wood products. Arbolitovye Read the rest of this entry »

Defects plasters and coatings, Methods of repair & Defects facade damage..

Subject 01

Finishing work

– Defects plasters and coatings. Methods of repair. Defects facade damage. The compositions of plaster. Update plaster and facade coatings. Opportunities and ways to clean up the facades.

– Paint and wallpaper work. Paint the walls. Defects painted wall surfaces. Damage associated with the technology of coatings, their causes and methods of repair. Characteristics of ways of painting the walls of their application. The main manufacturing operations to update the painting. Classification of painting works. Causes of defects and staining methods of repair.

– Upholstery work. Classification of upholstery work. Wallpaper defects and possible remedies.

– Cladding works. Defects facings. Requirements for tiling.

– Design and flooring: from the mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed ceramic tiles from, stone tile flooring terratstsovoe, magnesite lining of the Read the rest of this entry »

The development of equipment and construction sites

Technology of building production

– Information about the construction processes. The development of equipment and construction sites, transportation of construction materials.

– Excavation and earthworks species. Building features and classification of soils. A breakdown of earthworks and consolidation on the ground. Machines, tools and equipment for earth works.

– Methods of production of earthworks. Production of earthworks in winter. Drilling and blasting.

– Piling work. The equipment used for pile work. Piling and sheet series. Piling method of washing away the soil and steaming, vibration, and screwing up the indentation. Methods device piles.

– Stone work.
Types of appointment and clutches. The Read the rest of this entry »



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