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Defects plasters and coatings, Methods of repair & Defects facade damage..

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Finishing work

– Defects plasters and coatings. Methods of repair. Defects facade damage. The compositions of plaster. Update plaster and facade coatings. Opportunities and ways to clean up the facades.

– Paint and wallpaper work. Paint the walls. Defects painted wall surfaces. Damage associated with the technology of coatings, their causes and methods of repair. Characteristics of ways of painting the walls of their application. The main manufacturing operations to update the painting. Classification of painting works. Causes of defects and staining methods of repair.

– Upholstery work. Classification of upholstery work. Wallpaper defects and possible remedies.

– Cladding works. Defects facings. Requirements for tiling.

– Design and flooring: from the mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed ceramic tiles from, stone tile flooring terratstsovoe, magnesite lining of the Read the rest of this entry »



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