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One of the main segments of the market segment is building the MC – Steel fabricated buildings

Metal Ware

The use of steel in the construction of prefabricated buildings

The concept of “Metal” (the IC) includes a wide range of products, which are sometimes very different among themselves, and combines them only one thing – they’re all made with the use of any metal, both ferrous and nonferrous. In addition, most products are bundled with other materials and a modular design. All items under the term “metal construction” can be divided into the following groups:

Building metal constructions combine in himself all types of metal building frames for any purpose (Roof Trusses, columns, girders, connections, beams, roof structures, canopies, dome construction, etc.)

Protecting designs – galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich panels, sandwich, window frames and blocks, metal doors and gates, additional elements to them.

Modular buildings or block-containers – all block construction.

Metal work – tanks, tanks and other containers for Read the rest of this entry »



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