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Few Video Clips on “Marina Bay” which stands on Singapore.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands Singapore July10 2010.

Video Clips on the Building process of Famous Building of Marina Bay Stands on Singapore

SINGAPORE The Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s AMAZING Infinity Pool on the roof top, 57 stories high! This pool was one of the Read the rest of this entry »

Solar PV. panels on the roof power the entire house including hot water- Modern Housing

“Traditional Charm, Modern Comfort in Modern Concept”

For hundreds of years log homes have provided warm and secure dwellings for residents. They bring you the updated version; log homes with traditional durability combined with eco ingenuity.

Affordable Solar Energy – Large south facing windows allow sunlight to naturally warm the home and create expansive views. Solar PV panels on the roof power the entire house including hot water, kitchen stove and in-floor heating systems. Ideal for Read the rest of this entry »

Industry Outlook: Manufacturing

2011 outlook: Manufacturing is projected to grow 6.3 percent to $32 billion, mainly due to production growth of more than 19 percent in motor vehicle and parts production, and 8.5 percent for computer and electronic products. Employment is expected to remain flat.

2010 output: Manufacturing output rose 4.2 percent to $30 billion with most industries posting an increase, including chemicals, 4.7 percent; computer and electronic products, 9.5 percent; motor vehicles, body and parts, 10.8 percent with vehicle production growing much faster, and other transportation equipment, 7.8 percent.

Exports: In the first three quarters of 2010, major exports included chemicals, $1.5 …





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