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The most remarkable properties of ceramics are..

The most remarkable properties of ceramics are

Aesthetics: modularity, surface treatment (gloss, matte, embossing, etc..

– Techniques: possible adjournment or mechanical anchors.

– Other: combustibility, resistance to aggressive chemicals, high abrasion resistance, water resistance.

We must also mention the significant technological advances in materials, fittings; installation systems (cement-based adhesives with specific additives to enhance the deformability, adhesion, and resistance to external agents), the parallel development of light facade installation with anchors seen and hidden, and the development of progressive training and Read the rest of this entry »

Ceramics which is used as a coating for facades

Ceramics used as a coating for facades

Ceramic coatings have been used for a long time in many applications and as an architectural element.

In ancient civilizations have been preserved remains of the use of glazed tile facade coatings primarily for decorative purposes.

The ceramic is applied in an enclosure walls with thermal protection function; against water and moisture, acoustic, fire and mechanical and chemical attacks. Furthermore, as an aesthetic enclosure provides light, self-cleaning, colorful, expressive giving the possibility to create “outdoor museums”.

Several studies have found that the use of ceramic tiles on walls provide greater integrity and durability in them.

Marbles, travertine, granite and stone factory characteristics that Read the rest of this entry »



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