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Before the Burj Dubai had one more miracle happend – the eponymous musical fountain. On the construction of the fountain…

Until today the fountain can safely be called one of the largest and most beautiful musical fountain in the world. I suggest you find out what is the uniqueness of its Engineering & Read the rest of this entry »

Pour a concrete slab

A concrete slab floor will your future construction, an above ground pool or a garden shed. For your home, the construction of foundations will be necessary you want to guarantee the stability over time you can dig in the corners of blocks 0.40×0.40mx0.30m and flow with a liquid concrete, they will support, rooted in the soil. Read the rest of this entry »

Construction – The pressures of the industry were right Duchesneau

Since, in his investigation, he approached the heart of the system of collusion, Jacques Duchesneau suffered enormous pressure from key players in the construction industry. This has opened yesterday the Minister of Transport, Sam Hamad, has told Le Devoir. Read the rest of this entry »



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