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LED systems for lighting are ideal for longer times

Facade exterior lighting with LEDs.

Turn every building, monument, facade or architectural element in a visual sensation by lighting with LEDs. The LED lighting allows us to compare a few bright or dark areas of the environment and the building, with suitable lighting that cling to the environment, achieving the desired effects.

Thanks to its efficiency, strength and versatility, LED lamps have evolved from an emerging technology to a serious alternative lighting.

These bright, colorful LEDs are efficient and expanding its domain to a wide range of lighting applications, displacing its previous primary role was that Read the rest of this entry »

Different types of floor fittings for flooring which are regularly used around the globe


A variety of tone beige marble but more rustic and porous, but you can get some travertine with special polishing treatment empastinado (protecting the pores with a special grout and then polish it for a matte finish similar to the original).

It is the traditional brick-colored tile. Terracotta (Italian terra cotta “baked earth”) is shaped and hardened clay oven. In Read the rest of this entry »

Standards for quality concrete- Slandered & successful mixing

To develop successful mixed concrete building works that require significantly smaller volumes of concrete, neceriamente no mixing equipment is required. Concrete can be mixed by hand and get a very good quality, comparable with that of the concrete mixtures produced in plants as long as you follow certain recommendations.

For example, in a mixture of concrete, Portland cement and water form a paste that enduro binds the particles of sand and gravel.

Using too much water from the concrete mix to make the paste diluted, undermining the qualities of cement. Therefore, it is important that the Portland cement and water are used in proper proportions to Read the rest of this entry »



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