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Energy certification of buildings


Energy certification of buildings is a legal requirement that from now on will have to meet all new buildings, and that within two years will also affect existing buildings. Almost 30% of primary energy consumption is due to buildings, and therefore European regulations have tried to influence the energy consumption of buildings, in this case creating a tool similar to that already used in the case of appliances.

The decree requires the classification of new construction with a label that informs buyers of how efficiently the building. It is that every building has a label with your energy rating (A, corresponding to the buildings more efficient, to G, less efficient buildings) and the inclusion of estimated energy consumption and emissions associated CO2.
However appliances undergo a test in a laboratory, while the buildings are much more complex systems whose operation can not test or estimate so easily subjected to conditions and usage habits much more variable. Therefore, implementing such a system is not possible if it is not making major simplifications. In addition, the Read the rest of this entry »



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