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The Engineering software which provides a fast and reliable response to the everyday problems of structural and geotechnical engineering.

Engineering & Structural Analysis and Design PROKON

Structural analysis and design is a set of over thirty structural design and analysis programs in detail.

This Software Consultants was founded by Karl Eschberger and Jacques Pienaar in 1989. Work as a young structural engineers major consulting firm, recognized the enormous potential of software structural analysis and design (it was still early for the PC). During his time consulting, writing small programs individual hand-held calculators, such as Hewlett-Packard HP-35 scientific calculator. As word got around, many of his colleagues began to Read the rest of this entry »

Construction of an office of household and industrial objects, Building software

Implementation of a general contractor;
Designing buildings for various purposes;
Interior Design;
Low-rise building;
Construction of an office of household and industrial objects;
Major repairs and reconstruction of a complex of buildings;
Installation of engineering systems;
Design and manufacturing of steel;
Production of upholstered and cabinet furniture;
Installation of security systems;
Repair of offices and apartments;
Delivery of building materials;
Real estate and development;
Installment payment.

Concrete, reinforced concrete, brick
Concrete slabs, floor panels Read the rest of this entry »

Building Information Modeling for 3G

BIM (Building Information Modeling) for architectural design

The building design software Autodesk, Architecture think working as architects and designers, so you can make higher-quality architectural designs and precision. Developed for BIM (Building Information Modeling), Autodesk Revit Architecture helps you accurately capture and analyze the concepts and retain their vision during the phases of design, documentation and construction. Data-rich models to help make more informed decisions to facilitate sustainable design, construction, planning and manufacturing. Automatic updates keep coordinated designs and documentation and Read the rest of this entry »



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