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This is an important physical characteristic is determined by dividing the sample mass by its volume

Physical properties of building materials
Building materials have complex physical properties. Numerical indicators of the physical properties are determined by special methods and devices.

The physical properties are expressing the ability of materials to respond to the impact of physical factors, gravity, ie, based on the law of gravity, heat, water environment, acoustic, electric, radiation, etc.

The average density characterizes the mass per unit volume of material in its natural state (with pores). This is an important physical characteristic is determined by dividing the sample mass by its volume. For an accurate volume measurement is more convenient to take samples of regular geometric shape, although there are some simple methods of measurement of volume samples and irregular in shape. With wet samples indicated the value of humidity, which determined the average density.

The average density of loose material, such as sand, crushed stone, gravel, called the bulk density. Its magnitude reflects the influence not only the pores in each grain or piece, and interstitial voids in the material volume ryhlonasypannom.

The true density – mass per unit volume of homogeneous material in a completely dense state, ie, without pores, cracks or other cavities, the inherent material in its normal state.

Porosity – the degree of filling volume of the material pores. If you want to Read the rest of this entry »

Bamboo is used in areas where the wood grows, where the climate allows the use of lightweight materials

The Bamboo Construction

Bamboo is one of the most interesting materials that exist today. Tough, durable and sustainable raw material is used as flooring, paneling and furniture. The most important thing is that they increasingly used in home construction. Is so strong and flexible steel is called the plant is five times stronger than concrete.

Bamboo is used in light construction, in areas where the wood grows, where the climate allows the use of lightweight materials. The flexibility of the wood gives seismic characteristics. . Here are some of the great advantages for use in building homes that have become the favorite material of architects and builders.

Characteristics of bamboo:
Bamboo is lightweight, flexible, low cost. It is not very durable. It requires skilled labor for use in buildings. It has good resistance to earthquakes, but very bad with the rains, hurricanes, insects. It is suitable for hot and humid climates.

Is possible to use bamboo in many sectors of construction, which is not exposed to water or excessive heat, but usually it is used in combination with other materials such as other wood, clay, lime, cement, galvanized iron, palm leaves.

Used as secondary or Read the rest of this entry »

MODULAR ALUMINIUM FRAMES, Modular Aluminum- You can create very complex structures


Modular aluminum

The safety guards such as “P45”, are made by coupling the panels of sheet metal, wire mesh or transparent material. They are available in different sizes, either as fixed panels, sliding doors or openings. You can create very complex structures, but always quick to dismantle and structural changes are always possible. It is also easy replacement of panels. The ‘union of the various panels is done with a special fixing system of posts, possibly equipped with anodized Read the rest of this entry »

Transform Concrete decorative – commercial & public purposes.

Currently today we have the potential to transform the concrete into a decorative element without additional construction procedures outside their casting and stamping. There is a stamped concrete system that becomes competitive Increte called the use of concrete to reduce the time, and labor inputs, a goal long sought to build.

The strong growth in our days has been the construction industry has led to new construction systems enable the transformation of inputs into the functionality and aesthetics that require the works to make Read the rest of this entry »

These blocks can be found in different models and colors for different applications

Applications of the blocks of glass or crystal used to build flat walls, which give the rooms in the house a personal touch. This system of decoration to create separate spaces.

Such structures, often performed by modules. Placement which allows fast, easy, clean and simple. We can not forget that glass block walls are not walls.

These blocks can be found in different models and colors, so combine them with our homes offers no difficulty. Its application in interior decoration is extremely varied and can range from Read the rest of this entry »



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