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On the nature and magnitude of deformation affects not only the magnitude of loading, but also the rate of load application

The mechanical properties of building materials
The mechanical properties reflect the ability of bodies (material) to resist the force (from mechanical stresses), heat, shrink, or other stresses without breaking the established structure. In turn, energized understood measure of the intensity of internal forces generated by the action of loads, temperature changes and other factors or causes. Virtually stress is defined as the inner force per unit area, with a mean force of the inner strength of the particles located on one side of the site, the particles that are on the other side of this site. Usually determined by calculation the normal (perpendicular to the plane) and shear stress expressed in MPa in SI.

The mechanical properties are separated by the deformation and strength.

Characterize the deformation properties of a material’s ability to change the shape or size without any variation in the magnitude of its mass.

Deformation – changes in volume or shape of solid or plastic body without weight change. The principal types of deformation – tension, compression, shear, torsion and bending. All of them may be reversible or Read the rest of this entry »

Quality requirements for installation of elements of frame-panel buildings

Section 01.Geodetic works in construction

– Surveying the work on site – general. Gauges and Instruments: Levels, Theodolites, zenith appliances, steel measuring tapes, tape measures, laser devices and svetodalnomery.

– List of surveying the construction site for installation of building structures.

– Geodetic control the quality of assembly of building structures.

Section 02.Methods and techniques for assembling building structures. Mounting connections

– Preparing for installation. Slinging. Rules of the rise and set designs.
– Mounting connections of reinforced concrete structures: joints of coarse-, large-panel buildings, compound wall panels, floors and surfaces, the joints of columns, girders and columns of connection.

– Combining the elements of the framework to the multi-storey buildings with beamless floors, roof structures and roof panels, mount wall concrete panels to the Read the rest of this entry »

The classification of buildings- Requirements for buildings

Section 1.The main elements of design schemes and buildings 

– The main structural elements and circuits building. Background. Architectural planning and design solutions for buildings and facilities. A single modular system. Typification and unification. The classification of buildings. Requirements for buildings.

– Terms of binding columns and walls to the focal axes. The calculation of building structures. Foundations. Classification. Calculation of foundations. The foundations for the equipment.

– One-story frame commercial buildings and structural elements. Constructive elements of the framework of multi-storey industrial and civil buildings.

– Walls made of wood and wood products. Arbolitovye Read the rest of this entry »

Defects plasters and coatings, Methods of repair & Defects facade damage..

Subject 01

Finishing work

– Defects plasters and coatings. Methods of repair. Defects facade damage. The compositions of plaster. Update plaster and facade coatings. Opportunities and ways to clean up the facades.

– Paint and wallpaper work. Paint the walls. Defects painted wall surfaces. Damage associated with the technology of coatings, their causes and methods of repair. Characteristics of ways of painting the walls of their application. The main manufacturing operations to update the painting. Classification of painting works. Causes of defects and staining methods of repair.

– Upholstery work. Classification of upholstery work. Wallpaper defects and possible remedies.

– Cladding works. Defects facings. Requirements for tiling.

– Design and flooring: from the mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed ceramic tiles from, stone tile flooring terratstsovoe, magnesite lining of the Read the rest of this entry »

Maintenance and repair of load-bearing and enclosing structures- Construction work

Construction. Repair. Helpful information

Section 1.

Maintenance and repair of load-bearing and enclosing structures. Construction work

– Foundations and specific defects in the foundations of small and deep foundations, sources of defects in the foundations and methods of their elimination. Strengthening the foundations of buildings and structures, increase the bearing capacity of soil. Expansion of the foundation, the foundation of unloading, changing the type of foundation, strengthening the foundations of tile.

– Walls and columns. Typical defects of vertical support structures. Load-bearing masonry, stone walls and columns. Sealing cracks of the Read the rest of this entry »



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