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Fountain of Wealth- the largest industry in the world

fountain of Wealth

This fountain is one of the largest industry in the world. It is located in an underground shopping mall in Suntec City. It is made entirely of bronze and looks like a giant left arm that extends from the Read the rest of this entry »

Before the Burj Dubai had one more miracle happend – the eponymous musical fountain. On the construction of the fountain…

Until today the fountain can safely be called one of the largest and most beautiful musical fountain in the world. I suggest you find out what is the uniqueness of its Engineering & Read the rest of this entry »

Construction Technology- Filling – A Huge Horizontal Wind Turbines Built Into The Spaces Between The Floors.

Construction Technology

Filling – a huge horizontal wind turbines built into the spaces between the floors. Their diameter is much smaller than the diameter of the floor, the thickness – is also smaller, so that the land the turbines will hardly noticeable. And the wind must fully meet the demand of electricity in the building …

Each of the turbines – but all of them will be, according to various options, ranging from 48 to 58 – will give a Read the rest of this entry »

Dance Building named “Dancing towers” in Dubai and here we have something like…

A type of dance Building named “Dancing towers” in Dubai and here we have something like the creation of the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava (Santiago Calatrava) – can be “twisted” tower in Malmo, but can – Chicago “drill.” But the building is fully correspond to the definitions of poetic architecture – the “frozen music.” About the new tower to say

Dance Building (Dancing towers) located in Dubai Business Bay planning zone. Design concept for the three winding into the sky melt into a Read the rest of this entry »



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