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DIY’s plumbing: installing the network PER

Here is a diagram which has no other claim than to show a possible assembly of a simple installation, with passage of the network in slab or crawl space.

The main water supply in the house is connected to a nurse or collector of cold water which is used to dispatch the house the fluid to each unit. The nurse also provides power to the boiler. Hot water, once produced, is redistributed in a collector that feeds itself from the various pipes. Will be drawn for each device a single hose, usually 12 or 16 mm diameter. Read the rest of this entry »

Do it yourself plumbing its PER

How one’s own plumbing PER?

The plumbing in your home can be made ​​by PER and if the do it yourself plumbing PER requires less technical skill than copper, it still requires the discipline and patience. In fact a poorly done plumbing can be a source, if not danger, in any case of disorder and inconvenience.

New construction: 3 options when you do it yourself plumbing PER

1. Place the slabs in the network
2. Skip the network in the dubbing
3. Skip the network in the crawl space Read the rest of this entry »



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