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The easiest way to check the temperature of the thermometer is a swimming pool

Pool Thermometers

Owning a house with a pool is one of the highest aspirations some of us. There is nothing you can relax like a dip in the water. Gone are the days when the pools are neglected in the winter due to freezing of water. With temperature-controlled swimming pools now, you can take your baths, regardless of the season. There are many ways to ensure that when entering the pool water is not too cold or too hot.

The easiest way to check the temperature of the thermometer is a swimming pool. A pool thermometer used to measure the temperature, and is not very different from what you have at home or your doctor uses.

With advances in technology, now you can buy a thermometer showing the temperature with just a simple contact with the surface of water.

Pools thermometers these days come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Based on the technology are classified into analog and digital thermometers. Digital thermometers are much easier to use, and the possibility of misreading error is eliminated.

Can also be divided according to how they are used either as floating or submerged devices. As its name suggests, floats on the surface of the pool. These are often disguised as toys or other ornamental accessories. A thermometer submerged, on the other hand, is set a few inches from the bottom of the pool.



FLOATING LIGHTS pool or pond lights are ideal for creating a soft ambient light in outdoor areas such as pools, terraces, ponds or between crevices in the garden.

Floating Pool Lights can be used not only in the pool but also in ponds, lakes, gardens and terraces. Generate different effects according to the chosen shade and color of your pool water.

The floating lights not only illuminate but also serve to decorate swimming pools or anywhere else. These floating lights allow a total transformation in the Read the rest of this entry »

Keep your Poor covered & see the benefits of swimming pool covers

Benefits of swimming pool covers

Covers or solar pool covers are used primarily to maintain or achieve the temperature of the pool water. Passive solar home heating is a huge advantage for cost savings. The solar blankets can raise the temperature of pool water up to fifteen degrees. On the other hand, solar pool covers also hinder the evaporation of water during the hot season, reducing the water consumption during the season.

The most common is called a blanket of bubbles. The cover floats on the pool water by concentrating the energy of the sun’s rays on the surface of the cover, but could get a temperature rise of 4 or 5 degrees.

The blankets or solar pool blanket are made of polyethylene of 400 microns and usually comes in blue, everything is welded together and cooked reinforcements, should be placed on the surface (parts of the bubbles down while smooth side should be visible). Once the water Read the rest of this entry »

swimming pool builder to give you some ideas on the design you want for it

Pool Photos

These pictures will give you some design ideas for your swimming pool project.

Feel free to print any of these photos and show them to their swimming pool builder to give you some ideas on the design you want for it. To find a pool builder in your area, click here.

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Build your house on a beach with sand pit &

The beach at your own Home: a new concept in swimming pools.

Imagine having your own beach with sand dunes and palm trees right in your garden. This can be done with pools of Arena, a new concept in the construction of pools, completely innovative and finish with a special sand, creating a powerful visual impact by providing a friendly and fully integrated with the garden. You can enjoy a pool that looks natural beach of any size, with input from level 0 to the desired depth.

Features of the sand pit

The sand pits are constructed of 100% natural looking really having an effect similar to having a beach house. Based shotcrete reinforced and waterproofed, with a magazine after finishing high sand weathering, adhered to the concrete support that gives the look of beach sand, and, Read the rest of this entry »

The main advantages of installing a pool cover are:

The main types of pool are:

Covers fixed
mobile Covers
Tube covered with balloon
Covers igloo
roller Covers

Covers fixed:

These covers are best for swimming pools that are in places that have an outdoor swimming pool is more problematic, either by weather or debris near it. The main features of these covers are:

They are a permanent fixture on the floor.

Can not find entirely (although there are some models that can be discovered somewhere).

They are cheaper than mobile telescopic covers designs.

There are several standard designs, depending on customer requirements.

There are different measures according to the characteristics and size of the Read the rest of this entry »

Types and advantages of the use of pool- Depending on the utility that wants to give the cover

Types and advantages of the use of pool

Pool covers are aluminum and polycarbonate structures designed to create a closed environment around the pool, protecting it from weather and dirt that normally settles in the pools open. There are many types of covers, from fixed models of work permit to continue enjoying the use of the pool all year simple blankets to protect the pool from the dirt during the months when the pool is not in use.

Depending on the utility that wants to give the cover (pools, spa, leisure, winter protection, etc.). You can choose to install a Read the rest of this entry »



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