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Keep your Poor covered & see the benefits of swimming pool covers

Benefits of swimming pool covers

Covers or solar pool covers are used primarily to maintain or achieve the temperature of the pool water. Passive solar home heating is a huge advantage for cost savings. The solar blankets can raise the temperature of pool water up to fifteen degrees. On the other hand, solar pool covers also hinder the evaporation of water during the hot season, reducing the water consumption during the season.

The most common is called a blanket of bubbles. The cover floats on the pool water by concentrating the energy of the sun’s rays on the surface of the cover, but could get a temperature rise of 4 or 5 degrees.

The blankets or solar pool blanket are made of polyethylene of 400 microns and usually comes in blue, everything is welded together and cooked reinforcements, should be placed on the surface (parts of the bubbles down while smooth side should be visible). Once the water Read the rest of this entry »

The main advantages of installing a pool cover are:

The main types of pool are:

Covers fixed
mobile Covers
Tube covered with balloon
Covers igloo
roller Covers

Covers fixed:

These covers are best for swimming pools that are in places that have an outdoor swimming pool is more problematic, either by weather or debris near it. The main features of these covers are:

They are a permanent fixture on the floor.

Can not find entirely (although there are some models that can be discovered somewhere).

They are cheaper than mobile telescopic covers designs.

There are several standard designs, depending on customer requirements.

There are different measures according to the characteristics and size of the Read the rest of this entry »



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