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swimming pool builder to give you some ideas on the design you want for it

Pool Photos

These pictures will give you some design ideas for your swimming pool project.

Feel free to print any of these photos and show them to their swimming pool builder to give you some ideas on the design you want for it. To find a pool builder in your area, click here.

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Build your house on a beach with sand pit &

The beach at your own Home: a new concept in swimming pools.

Imagine having your own beach with sand dunes and palm trees right in your garden. This can be done with pools of Arena, a new concept in the construction of pools, completely innovative and finish with a special sand, creating a powerful visual impact by providing a friendly and fully integrated with the garden. You can enjoy a pool that looks natural beach of any size, with input from level 0 to the desired depth.

Features of the sand pit

The sand pits are constructed of 100% natural looking really having an effect similar to having a beach house. Based shotcrete reinforced and waterproofed, with a magazine after finishing high sand weathering, adhered to the concrete support that gives the look of beach sand, and, Read the rest of this entry »



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