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How they maintain “Todaiji Temple”, the greatest edification of Wood Temple in the World

Todaiji Temple, the greatest edification of Wood in the World

The great temple Todaiji East is an impressive Buddhist temple made from wood found in Nara, Japan. A pagoda that houses a giant statue of Buddha and the temple also currently serves as Kegon school of Buddhism. This structure holds the world record as the largest wooden building in the world, but is 33% smaller than the original monument.

This type of building in wood called Pagodas, striking five-story buildings up and, despite its antiquity and simplicity in extructura are able to withstand earthquakes much more modern buildings collapse because wood tends to warp when you put a lot of strength, but is also flexible enough to absorb the seismic stress.

The building of this architectural complex, located in the city of Nara, was started around the year 743. Inside, they worshiped the Daibutsu, a colossal statue of Buddha 15 meters tall and made of bronze gilt., Completed in 751. Since its inception the main buildings have been restored several times due to earthquakes and wars suffered in this area, the first of these restorations took place in 1180 when they were destroyed during a war. Were restored by the Buddhist priest Choge using a new architectural style called Daibutsu-yo. However, war again, destroyed the main buildings of the complex in 1567, preserved at present, Read the rest of this entry »



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