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The fact that the product will expand and then going to occupy all available space

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Polyurethane foam

Can be supplied with the cylinder autoestrudente or with a special nozzle, the system most suitable for applications at the professional level. In both cases the product, reacting with atmospheric moisture will swell dramatically. Under optimal conditions, a 750 ml bottle is transformed into a mass of about 40 liters.

The fact that the product will expand and then going to occupy all available space, makes the polyurethane foam is shown to isolate from the standpoint of thermal noise, is to make an artifact of uneven surfaces (such as a door-frame or window on the rough wall).

The polyurethane foam is also available in two parts, to be provided with a normal caulking gun, the little cartridge provides a more dense product, which has a force more than double. Three points on each side are more than enough to secure the inner frame of a door, usually held in place by three screws on each side.

The product dries in 6 minutes, you can eliminate the surplus, the maximum holding is obtained after only 20 minutes.

Hill Assembly
From the pasty consistency, replace nails, screws, dowels. They are used for wall fixings, are used to permanently join the most diverse materials, providing an outlet very energetic. To get an optimal performance of this type of glue, it is important that the surface is clean, should increase the bonding surface to better distribute any stress.

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