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Russian Innovation Industrial Company DKBA in response to the..

Blimp-flying saucer Annie

Russian Innovation Industrial Company DKBA in response to the American unit HALE-D has built a demonstration dirizhabelnuyu UFO DP-27 “Annie” (lenticular blimp.) This scale model is designed to test a number of components and systems in anticipation of building the operational version of the device with a higher dimension.

Demonstration model DP-27 – a 17-foot aerostatic platform with helium-filled envelope volume 522 cu. m. Capacity of Read the rest of this entry »

Such a situation has arisen due to the tiny size of Gibraltar, which consists of the southern and northern parts of the rocky plains

Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar – a small British overseas possession of the area of ​​6.5 km ², situated in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. At a time when over the British Empire the sun never sets, Gibraltar was an important outpost of the colonial powers, with which she controlled the exit from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

Gibraltar is largely a unique place. This is the only place in Europe where you can see monkeys in the wild. But the uniqueness of the territory is not limited to …

Each of us, probably traveling by car, faced with a situation where it was necessary for the regulated railroad crossing to wait out a passing train. This is what we all used to it and take it for granted. But the airport – is another matter: the runway it should have no obstacles to the take-off and landing.

However, in Gibraltar airstrip is Read the rest of this entry »



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