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High Quality Laminated Glass – Excellent choice as safety glass

High Quality Laminated Glass – Excellent choice as safety glass

The laminated glass, safety glass and protection.

Laminated glass is often an excellent option for those who do not like placing large glass surfaces for safety, or a matter of accident prevention, as there is the possibility of breakage and detachment either by impact, hail or storms.

Everything can be avoided by placing safety glass. Among them are the laminated glass. Also filter UV rays and provide acoustic insulation.

Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets that are coupled by a layer that stands between them, this film is mostly of polyvinyl butyral or resin. The sheet can be both transparent and translucent, so it can have color or may include cloth, paper drawings, LEDs, among others.

The sheets can be treated acoustic and solar control. With these films the glass is more resistant to breakage, because the pieces are joined to lasa them.

Examples of this type of glass are used in motor vehicles (windscreen), glass and glass burglar-proof. Is widely used in architecture and contemporary design.

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