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Cheap laminate flooring by good flooring brands for floor, wood floor

Cheap laminate flooring for floor, wood floor

Uses of laminate flooring:
One of the highlights of laminate flooring is its ease and relatively low cost in terms of installation compared to wood or stone. Each table in laminate is designed to be put in place without clamps, nails, glue or cement. The floor then “floats” on a layer of foam or film low, thus providing insulation with moisture. Durability is another of the attractions of the flooring. Good quality laminate countertops to hold up well under heavy traffic, in addition to resistance to Read the rest of this entry »

Rubber Flooring: specially for durability and resistance to high traffic areas

Rubber Flooring:

Rubber Flooring: durability and resistance to high traffic areas

Good alternative for high traffic areas

Rubber flooring is a smart choice for high traffic areas, work areas, offices, shops or places where contact with children such as children’s rooms, playrooms, schools, etc..

Rubber flooring tiles come in or rolls with a thickness less than 4 mm. Glued to the subfloor is placed over an existing floor or with double contact cement specifically for this material. Cleaning is much easier and practical, has a high strength and good insulation anti-static, electrical and Read the rest of this entry »



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