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Different types of floor fittings for flooring which are regularly used around the globe


A variety of tone beige marble but more rustic and porous, but you can get some travertine with special polishing treatment empastinado (protecting the pores with a special grout and then polish it for a matte finish similar to the original).

It is the traditional brick-colored tile. Terracotta (Italian terra cotta “baked earth”) is shaped and hardened clay oven. In Read the rest of this entry »

Stone floors to be used as flooring should always be on a firm, level subfloor

Stone flooring types

Stone floors are more durable pavements that resist wear better, aggression and constant use, apart from being very decorative and ideal for rustic work environments.

This type of material is best suited for outdoor use: patios, gardens and terraces. For balconies and terraces, stones should be light and porous. The more sophisticated options are better in bathrooms and kitchens.

Stone floors to be used as flooring should always be on a firm, level subfloor. Socket can be dispensed as its ending is neat, but you can use the same cut stone or some models come with a prepared base.

Stone floors need not be cured, but sealed. The right thing is to apply a silicone product that does not change its color or Read the rest of this entry »



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