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LED systems for lighting are ideal for longer times

Facade exterior lighting with LEDs.

Turn every building, monument, facade or architectural element in a visual sensation by lighting with LEDs. The LED lighting allows us to compare a few bright or dark areas of the environment and the building, with suitable lighting that cling to the environment, achieving the desired effects.

Thanks to its efficiency, strength and versatility, LED lamps have evolved from an emerging technology to a serious alternative lighting.

These bright, colorful LEDs are efficient and expanding its domain to a wide range of lighting applications, displacing its previous primary role was that Read the rest of this entry »

Architects and interior designers increasingly investigating the possibility of application of new materials

LED Lighting

LED Lighting in Architecture and Decoration

Designers, architects and interior designers increasingly investigating the possibility of application of new materials, colors, shapes, textures, and lighting technology in all areas of the home. In this sense stands for these reasons the use of LED lighting system. The LED lighting not only provides one aspect of visual comfort thanks to full integration of light within the environment, but also allows us to play with the decor in a flexible manner to achieve a truly functional and modern space.

In fact this system has long being used in electronics, but with applications requiring Read the rest of this entry »

Specially for the home automation are the savings in resource safety, consumption and comfort

The Home automation or home automation system

Home automation is a concept that refers to the integration of different technologies in the home by the simultaneous use of electricity, electronics, computers and telecommunications. Home automation is a term used to refer to all the home automation systems. The word is the Greek word fusion dome = home and auto = works alone.

Its purpose is to improve safety, comfort, flexibility, communications, energy savings, facilitate comprehensive control systems for users and new services.

Home automation provides energy management services, safety and Read the rest of this entry »

The underfloor heating system consists of an evenly spread network of pipelines and buried under the pavement

He knows the system more economical and efficient heating for your home

Underfloor heating system.

In winter the most economical and efficient way to heat our home is through a system of heating called radiant floor. This is the most efficient distribution of air conditioning, front of the radiators and fan coils. Is to deliver heat from a pipe placed evenly under the floor, rather than emitting from a central focus metal radiator.

The system of underfloor heating has its origin in Roman heating and the Middle Ages, leaving hollow ducts under the floor, the oven of hot air sent home, so that heated the soil. In Castilla still use these systems, known glories.

It is a system that combines very well with solar energy, because they work at temperatures similar. The most efficient air conditioning market is integral heat pump combined with a solar energy system and a radiant floor system transmitter.

Heating system is cleaner, quieter, comfortable and healthy there, so much so, that is the only recommended by the World Health Organization, since its use does not dry the air or the nasal mucous membranes and does not raise the mites dust, a fact which makes its installation is highly recommended in hospitals, day care centers or nursing homes.

The underfloor heating system consists of an evenly spread network of pipelines and buried under the pavement. The temperature at which water flows through it is Read the rest of this entry »



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