Fountain of Dubai, the largest and most beautiful musical fountain in the world

Today, the fountain can safely be called one of the largest and most beautiful musical fountain in the world. I suggest you find out what is the uniqueness of its..

“Super Arrows” Water “shoots” with a more high pressure – up to 75 meters into the air

“Extraordinary Arrow” (New Technology) The “shot” produce a fierce pressure that the water flies up to 150 meters


All of these “arrows” are the fountains that create a loud, percussive sound or noise such as a drum “boom” during the ejection of the jet of water. They are used in some cases even as a kind of “drums”, which, thanks to the skillful use, beautifully set off the music and complete representation (for example, in the end most of the songs “Extraordinary Arrow” used to create the last “boom” to finish the music and show)

“Super Arrows” and “Extraordinary Arrow” – fountains, which are less commonly used during each show, because it requires so much pressure and energy for each “shot” is that it takes a lot of time to prepare – to pumps managed to create the necessary pressure.

The first tests were a fountain in February and April 2009, and the final run was made May 8, 2009, with an accompanying this event spectacular opening ceremony. Dubai Fountain is already attracting thousands of spectators every night and it is expected that it will attract 10 million visitors annually January 2, 2010 press release announced that the height of the fountain Dubai has been increased. The fountain was retrofitted with a strong “arrow” who can “run” on water astounding 275 meters – the height of a 50-storey building.


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