The asphalt roofing and waterproofing for roof protection

The asphalt roofing and waterproofing


The asphalt is a material used in waterproofing of terraces and roofs consisting of an asphalt saturated felt, coated with another layer of asphalt-resistant mineral fiber, fiberglass, asbestos or other organic stabilizer.

The layer exposed to the weather also has a layer of mineral granules. Also called cardboard roofing, roofing felt, felt waterproof.

Presented in rolls down to a base that is the actual material in thicknesses of 3 and 4 m / m and a thin top layer can be aluminum, slate or interior.

For the installation of roofing felt is necessary to apply a bituminous paint previously called Liptol that used to weld the Candileja asphalt grip between this and the base where it is applied to get a good grip.

If you want to get a perfect insulation of the surface to be waterproofed apply two coats of asphalt, an interior first placed in one direction and another aluminum interior also in crossed position, getting a perfect insulation.

Junction pores to kill and protect the top layer to apply the Liptol brush across the surface.

About this isolation can be applied asphalt mortar, mortar and tile or without any other material added.


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