One of the main segments of the market segment is building the MC – Steel fabricated buildings

Metal Ware


The use of steel in the construction of prefabricated buildings

The concept of “Metal” (the IC) includes a wide range of products, which are sometimes very different among themselves, and combines them only one thing – they’re all made with the use of any metal, both ferrous and nonferrous. In addition, most products are bundled with other materials and a modular design. All items under the term “metal construction” can be divided into the following groups:

Building metal constructions combine in himself all types of metal building frames for any purpose (Roof Trusses, columns, girders, connections, beams, roof structures, canopies, dome construction, etc.)

Protecting designs – galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich panels, sandwich, window frames and blocks, metal doors and gates, additional elements to them.

Modular buildings or block-containers – all block construction.

Metal work – tanks, tanks and other containers for industrial use.

Towers – electric poles, radio, TV tower, cell tower, etc.

Non-standard metal structures – ramps, guardrails and signs, construction of bridges.

One of the main segments of the market segment is building the MC – Steel fabricated buildings. Prefabricated buildings – timber frame or frameless building permit in a shorter time to carry out construction work, including the foundation, regardless of climatic conditions. Purpose of such buildings can have a wide range – industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial and office buildings, sports facilities, including swimming pools, courts, garage facilities for all modes of transport, aircraft hangars, etc.

One of the features of the market is the presence of MC a manufacturer of standard design solutions for complete buildings (or their skeletons), each of whom is named, in addition, standard designs for the most part have been registered in the bodies of Gosstroi (now the Agency for Construction RF). These model projects were developed with the assistance of a large design companies in the industry metal construction, as well as in-house producers themselves. The aim of these developments was the unification of types and sizes of buildings, sites in the installation of assembly, to reduce the metal structures to improve performance of production.

Examples of the most popular types of projects: a series of “MOLODECHNO” (CNIISK them. Melnikova), a series of “UNITEC” (Firm “UNITEC”, OAO “PZTSK”, OAO “Uraltrubprom”), a series of “Orsk” (OJSC “Orsk MCW”) Series “Taganay” and “Urenga” (OAO “Chelyabinsk NIKTISK”, JSC “Zlatoust ZZMK”), a series of “KAN” (JSC “Cannes MCW”), a series of “Spider” and “Condor” (OOO “Ventall”), a series of “Shuya” (OOO “Promstalkonstruktsiya”), etc.

Like any product, there are substitute products, as well as in construction to achieve a particular goal can be arrived at using different techniques and materials. Building metal constructions can replace most of the building materials used at the present time, such as brick, wooden structures, lightweight aggregate blocks, concrete panels, solid construction.

Thus, the metal structures are widely used in the construction of various buildings and structures. Due to considerable strength and density of the metal, the effectiveness of compounds of elements, features sbornosti and demountable metal structural elements are characterized by relatively small own weight, have a gas-and water-resistance, provide high-speed montage of buildings and structures and accelerate the entry into operation.

The main disadvantage of steel structures – baseness and low fire – removed their paint, coated with plastics and resins, flame retardants, galvanizing and other methods of protection.


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