Ceramics which is used as a coating for facades

Ceramics used as a coating for facades


Ceramic coatings have been used for a long time in many applications and as an architectural element.

In ancient civilizations have been preserved remains of the use of glazed tile facade coatings primarily for decorative purposes.

The ceramic is applied in an enclosure walls with thermal protection function; against water and moisture, acoustic, fire and mechanical and chemical attacks. Furthermore, as an aesthetic enclosure provides light, self-cleaning, colorful, expressive giving the possibility to create “outdoor museums”.

Several studies have found that the use of ceramic tiles on walls provide greater integrity and durability in them.

Marbles, travertine, granite and stone factory characteristics that allow the slabs to maintain over time its own aesthetic, thus preventing frequent maintenance operations and restoration.
The production facilities are certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 and are among the most modern in the industry, can accomplish tile sizes to exalt the uniqueness of the grain and nuance from each of the slabs.

When using rectangular slabs is important to assess the orientation, the installation in vertical rather than horizontal, you can vary the final costs of realization. In the case of using visible coupling structure is more convenient to mount the slabs with the longer side horizontal and the uprights are the same pitch as the slab and, therefore, their number is lower.
In the event that the case of structures with horizontal currents, therefore, to attach invisible, it is more convenient to mount the slabs with the longer side vertically, because the tiles being fixed to the horizontal currents tend to decrease their number.

Usually the slabs are sent to work in standard size and the necessary cuts are made by the officers who placed the facade. These, after having placed the whole slab, measure the exact dimensions of the slabs are smaller than normal and the cut. In the case of systems with no coupling to the eye, the slabs are predisposed to multiorificio scheme in order to allow the fixing of the tiles are smaller than normal


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