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Raised Floors – DESCRIPTION

Authentic and real build system

Authentic and real build system, a raised floor is raised off the ground cover under which it is possible to create an adequate system of distribution networks (electricity, lighting, HVAC) transmission (computer, telephone) and automation (building management alarms, fire systems and security).


The ease of removal of modular panels that make up the raised floor allows quick and effective maintenance operations without the need to work on the walls, limiting the costs and time.

These characteristics, coupled with the increasing reliability of the supporting structures has now raised floors are the most commonly used in offices, showrooms, dealers and all the spaces for productive activities.

With regard to traditional land, the benefits of a raised floor are:
– Freedom to rethink environments over time depending on organizational needs new space or new regulations;

– Possibility to move any type of installation in the opening beneath the soil, which can intervene without works on the walls;

Raised Floors – DESCRIPTION

– Energy saving, as the gap that has been build from the ground and the coating acts as insulation;

– Possibility to change the capacity of the structure at any time and only in specific areas due to the interchangeability of system components.

This is particularly advantageous when in the course of the years changed the intended purpose of a room and need to increase the capacity of a soil, both in its totality and in very specific areas.

The benefits of raised floor are the result of a perfect balance between the technical and structural components of the system. Its structure therefore has to be sized as needed to support load, its main components:
– The supporting structure
– Supporting panels
– Lining slabs


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