Columns that have the function of support panels and transmission of loads to the supporting surface

The large plane ground.

The components of the supporting structure are:


– Columns that have the function of support panels and transmission of loads to the supporting surface. Usually made of galvanized steel, allow, thanks to a mechanical threaded system to regulate the height over the ground floor (which can range from 10 cm. Up to 1 m) and offset even the minimal support surface uneven.

– Skiing, they also manufactured in galvanized steel columns connected horizontally improving stability and increasing their capacity. The sleepers can be of different length and have tapered according to load requirements.
– Fittings that arranged all along the sleepers and the head of the columns have a role soundproofing and dust.

– Structure-only columns

The supporting structure is simpler, since only consists of the columns. These can be adjusted in height even in the absence of ties is not advisable to maintain a very high level. To increase the stability of the structure, columns, galvanized steel clamp at the base, are attached to the supporting surface by gluing.

– Structure of columns and beams
The supporting structure is recommended for moderate loads entity, the inclusion of the sleepers to form a regular grid of support allows, in fact, subsequently increasing the capacity of soil. The sleepers, which are also pressed galvanized steel and can have different profiles depending on the capacity you want to give ground. Above the beams are inserted PVC seals that form a continuous layer between the panel structure and increasing air-tightness and power system fonaislante.

– Structure of columns, beams and diagonal
It is the structure that allows the use of higher loads with the previous system, and you insert a diagonal cross to stiffen the structure later. Both beams and diagonals have the characteristic to be changed at any time by others who have a different resistance. The special section allows the insertion of the same spring-forced into the head, thus making a rigid system that ensures electrical continuity. They are equipped with eyelets that allow your head mechanical fixing using self tapping screws vertical. Sleepers are also provided with PVC lining of antistatic or conductive to the air-tightness and insulation.

– Outdoor Structures
The raised floor system for outdoor outweighs any inconvenience of injections, temperature fluctuations and stratification under-coating. In this system, the modular panels are supported on special brackets that hold high the sealing sleeve located below. Brackets, fixed or adjustable, are made of polypropylene, a material capable of withstanding over time in all weather conditions.Allow the placement of the panels on any flat support surface and ensure a better distribution of load on the layer below by the largest base area with rounded edge rip. Besides its incomprimibilidad ensures high load carrying capacity and concentrated. 



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