Work placement in a proper way for raised floor

Work placement in a proper way for raised floor

In case of new building works on the walls must have been completed with at least 60 days and wet finishing with at least 30 days.


– Firstly it is necessary to demonstrate the possible unevenness of the fabric and after removing the dust from the slab is necessary to dust treatment especially in the case where the span under the floor is used as a channel for air conditioning. It is advisable to check that the treatment is consistent with the dust tail to the columns.

– Then, before the installation of equipment, the installer will have to come to the “sealing” the ground indicating the exact points to be placed each little column (to prevent the cables in the path of the same). In the case where the environment is large in size, is sufficient to draw only two orthogonal axes of reference after which it will be known to every 60 cm drop the point of placing a small column.

– After installation proceed to the placement of the columns according to the modular mesh 60×60 cm.

It solves problems for:
1) Positioning of the columns

2) Positioning of the cross-section stringers

3) Positioning of the gaskets on the cross-section stringers

4) Once the assembly of the structure are placed in columns and height of the sleepers if they are provided. The last phase involves the placement of deck panels

5) Levelling

6) Before you can walk on the raised floor to wait 48 hours to allow the binders that hold the columns dry out (in case not provided for the sleepers) and protect it until the end of the local installation

7) Positioning of the panel

8) Completion of the flooring


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