It consists of an integrated set of items with the static function to set the external cladding of building structures

Anchor System

It consists of an integrated set of items with the static function to set the external cladding of building structures, the latter being forced to bear the agents loaded on it and, in particular the wind.


The anchoring system may consist of:
specific elements “Local Fixing”
an anchor structure “spead Fixing”

In the first case, however, lost one of the main advantages of the ventilated facade as anchor using specific elements, including cladding elements of small dimensions, are to create a large number of thermal bridges that determine a sensible increase heat dispersion.

The materials used today by the hooves are treated type steel or corrosion processes, such as stainless steel (AISI 304 and 316) or aluminum alloy. In the second case the structure consists of vertically arranged metal profiles (primary structure), linked to the fascia of the floor using sheets or blocks, with different regulatory systems to compensate for any errors overhanging the building. A vertical elements are connected are the horizontal elements (secondary structure) that support slabs lining.

Well have to do with elements anchor point (stirrups) or vertical continuous linear elements and / or horizontal, it is necessary to make the set of the façade structure with rear structural support. They are, therefore, necessary for this purpose, appropriate elements of connection that they can also be point-type (mechanical expansion plugs, chemical plugs) or linear (molded profiles).

In any case the optimal solution of the anchor system is linked to a number of conditions that vary from the product type of material used for the backing layer, the thickness and size of the slabs, since the height of the building to its location and addition to the available financial budget.


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