The most remarkable properties of ceramics are..

The most remarkable properties of ceramics are


Aesthetics: modularity, surface treatment (gloss, matte, embossing, etc..

– Techniques: possible adjournment or mechanical anchors.

– Other: combustibility, resistance to aggressive chemicals, high abrasion resistance, water resistance.

We must also mention the significant technological advances in materials, fittings; installation systems (cement-based adhesives with specific additives to enhance the deformability, adhesion, and resistance to external agents), the parallel development of light facade installation with anchors seen and hidden, and the development of progressive training and professional specialization of underwriters.

Both provide high assurance of adequacy and expand the aesthetic and technical possibilities in the design of facades with ceramic coatings.

Plasterboard sheet:

It consists of a gypsum core and special additives, coated on both sides with heavy-duty cardboard, which is manufactured in different thicknesses, widths and lengths, with a beveled edge or tapered edge, depending on the type of finish you want to achieve.

Its main application is the creation of constructive solutions partitions, linings and ceilings in building projects.


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