Ring as a building Design

Sorry for the interruption in the literature. Customized Rings look a like Building Design. And the last time I talked about the creative rings, so today I want to continue this theme.


Let me tell you about the terrific jewelery. This is Philip Turner (Philippe Tournaire) from France. He draws inspiration from around the world and creates a ring as a building. To be more precise as the most famous architectural structures in the world.
There were many orders and not enough time for the seller.

I’ll start with a ring in the form of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. It is made of yellow gold and is characteristic of Russian, but unusual for Europeans rose gold. Rose Gold also used to emphasize that the cathedral is built of red brick. A famous multicolored domes on the ring are painted with enamel. Cost – 4500 euro.

And the next ring in the form of a cozy log house from a place so beloved by the Russian oligarchs – Courchevel. You can go to the French Alps lock with, but you can not part with them for a year for 2100 euros. A ring of pink and yellow gold.

Topic Alpine architecture continues to ring in the form of chalets. Yellow gold, for 9150 euros, is decorated with deep sapphire and small brilliantiki.

Now fast forward to Asia. Traditional Chinese house of white and yellow gold with 4 diamonds 0.12 carat pink diamond and a 0.11 carat will cost 5,500 euros.



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